Cold Case K9® Field Trial

Kenneth D Lichlider lg


Thursday July 15, 2016 marked the first Field Trial for resident Cold Case K9 “Lobo” and Cold Case K9 “Rain.”

Development of the first ever Cold Case K9 has been in the works at Vohne Liche Kennels, Indiana since late 2013. A Cold Case K9 is trained to detect skeletonized human bone ONLY. These are not cadaver dogs. These highly specialized K9 detection experts have NEVER been introduced, by design, to odors of decomposition. The goal for the Cold Case K9 was to create a K9 specialist with the ability to detect skeletonized human bone in clandestine gravesites. These Cold Case K9’s were designed to assist with the repatriation of missing soldiers of foreign wars as well as victims of violent crime and natural disaster who have been missing for months, years, and even decades.

Vohne Liche Kennels, Indiana and the Cold Case K9® Program are very pleased to report that our first field trial was most successful. Both Cold Case K9’s were engaged in an active multijurisdictional Cold Case search on July 15, 2016. Understanding the limits of information dissemination with regard to an active case, we are able to report that both VLK Cold Case K9’s Lobo and Rain proved their ability and investigational value as an asset in a cold case. Congratulations to both CCK9 Lobo and CCK9 Rain!

Congratulations as well to Kenneth Licklider and Marilee VanTine who developed this new forensic tool and after many years of dedication to their craft, have introduced these K9 experts to the world of forensic investigation.