Thirty-nine years in dogs and I am still learning. We are experimenting with a couple Malinois on a new odor.

Myself and Marilee Van Tine watched a dog hit on a substance that was buried three feet in the ground on October the 26th of 2015! The dog did awesome but I was still a little skeptical.

We left the substance in the ground for eight months. There was a pretty hard winter that year that covered the ground with rain, ice, and a lot of snow. The training for the dog was stopped for six months.

In May we took the dog out and walked the general area after turning the dog "on" with a simple above ground hide that he banged with no issue. We had videotaped the search in September so we videotaped this search as well.

I let the dog off of its leash and entered in from a different direction. The change in behavior was overpowering and the response was absolute. We were excited but I wanted to be sure. Marilee brought the two tapes in and what we saw was amazing. The dog hit on the exact same spot eight months later even after the very harsh winter.

These dogs are going to be put out for the public soon. I cannot wait till they make the first real discovery. "K9" Learning everyday!!