Vohne Liche Kennels

(Explosive and Narcotic Detection Dog Specialist)

Capabilities - Cell Phone Detection Certification Standards

The following standards will be met to acquire the Vohne Liche Kennels certification. The following guidelines are recommended, approved and set forth by SWGDOG.

This test is designed to determine the proficiency and reliability of a passive response dog in the detection of cell phone while being used in the screening of personnel, mail, and buildings.


  1. The reward used during a cell phone detection certification test (to reward the dog for finding the cell phone hides) will not contain cell phone parts or residue odor.

  2. Testing will be conducted in the following areas:

    1. People
    2. Buildings
    3. Mail

  3. A team miss is defined as any incorrect response by the K-9 team.

  4. Only one miss in all of the combined areas will be permitted for a successful pass for the certification.

  5. Pseudo cell phones will not be used for certification tests.

  6. The Certifying Official will place aids in locations unknown to the handler. Hides may be high or low. In people searches there will be at least one (1) high and one (1) low hides.

  7. Any brand or type of cell phone is permitted to be used.

  8. The dog will show no aggression towards personnel being searched and a physical barrier such as a fence or similar type barrier will be used so no physical contact between the personnel being searched and the dog.

  9. The number of training aids used for cell phone detection will be the following:

          2 on personnel (1 high and 1 low)
          2 in building (1 high and 1 low)
          2 packages

  10. There will be a minimum of four (4) blank personnel, a total of ten (10) packages and there will be a minimum of two (2) blank rooms or areas in the building search.

  11. Two distractors consisting of one (1) electronic device such as an AM/FM radio and one (1) food will be placed in any of the three (3) search areas.

  12. Time limits on the search will be at the discretion of the Certifying Official and as long as the Certifying Official determines that the team is still working.

  13. There will be no breaks between searches.

  14. All tests given to the cell phone detection teams will be pass/fail basis. The handler will call all alerts by the K9.

  15. The handler and the dog are considered a team, and it is the team that will be certified. If the dog changes handlers then a new team exists and the new team will need to be certified.

  16. This certification will be valid for two (1) year from the date of issue.