Vohne Liche Kennels - U R Busted

K-9 Max gets the cash...

K-9 Max found $85,000 in cash.
Richmond PD Indiana

K-9 Grom 1 UR Busted!

Very first K-9 deployment on a traffic stop resulted in finding 3 ounces of marijuana.
Handler Deputy Brandon Hankins
Wheeler County Sheriffs Department TX

K-9 Rayco’s UR Busted!

This afternoon we received a call from a TX DPS Trooper who requested the assistance of the Wise County K-9 unit on a traffic stop. Rayco and Sgt. Manoushagian responded and conducted a sniff of a medium sized RV. Rayco indicated on the exterior of the vehicle and then we went inside to conduct an internal sniff. In the back near the bed Rayco responded again. A search of the cabinet revealed 9 pounds of high grade marijuana vacuum seal in plastic packages.
Handler Sgt. Jay-T Manoushagian
Wise Co. S.O., Texas