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Name: Jenny 3

Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: Female
DOB: 2-19-18
Country of origin: Hungary
Jenny 3 is a high energy, female German Shepherd. She has basic Obedience and Decent Hunt Drive.

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Jenny 3Jenny 3

Name :Scott

Breed: Malinois
Sex: Male
DOB: 11-5-17
Country of origin: Hungary
Good Looking, social, well-built malinois. Has a small amount of obedience that could be built off of.

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Name: Larsco


Breed: Malinois
Sex: Male
Country of origin: Belgium
This is our big, beautiful Belgian Malinois named Larsco. Larsco has a nice ball drive and obedient.

For more information about Larsco give Ken or Dan a call at our office at - (765) 985-2274