Bike Night at Red Rocket! If you have not been, it is a must.

Tayler Licklider


Red Rocket opened in November of 2015 on Grissom Aeroplex inside Milestone Event Center.

Those of you who know dad know that he is always getting into something or starting something new. Well, in July of 2015 his grand idea was for us to open a restaurant…by November! Good thing I work best under pressure! So needless to say the restaurant opened in November as he requested and has been a big hit in Miami County ever since. After the restaurant started moving smoothly you can all be assured that Ken got bored and decided we needed to amp up the excitement and give the community something fun to do! So dad and I shot ideas back and forth and decided to have Bike Night the last Thursday of each month. So after getting great donations and sponsors, we put on our first Bike Night on June 30 th . It was a huge hit and all the bikers loved the open space, specials, and excitement. Numerous bikers asked for dad to host it every Thursday. Duty called and I left my father unattended for 2 seconds and next thing I know he announced to the entire crowd, “Bike night is now EVERY THURSDAY starting at 7 p.m.!”


Can’t wait for the next challenge, Dad!