Kenneth D Licklider

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I was a Senior Master Sergeant in the USAF in August 1993. I had 16 years in, out of a possible 30 year career and only one stripe (Rank) to go when President Clinton (Bill) offered me a full retirement. He was reducing the military to all time lows. I took the deal! One day fully employed the next day unemployed with a one and two year old, a wife and a recently purchased home and no job.

2017 is different in many ways for K-9 handlers looking to retire or change jobs and a lack of opportunity is definitely one of the differences. When I retired there was little opportunity and now there is a lot. Diverse opportunities for K-9 handlers wanting to change their lives and provide for their families.

In 2002 VLK became involved in the contract world. In fact, we were the first in many ways to enter the wars in the sandbox with working dogs handled by civilians (Contractors).

Today’s contracting world is run by large security corporations who we still subcontract the training of dogs and handlers. One of the premiere corporations is Garda World who we are featuring in this issue of AWD. Garda World is the largest Security Company in the world based out of Canada. They are serious about what they do and are working towards providing the best teams they can in Afghanistan and Iraq contracting with the State Department for Bomb dog teams.

Anyone leaving the military or a police department should highly consider contacting GardaWorld positions as handlers and trainers exist. The pay and benefits are good and the people advertising the program really care about providing good dogs and training. It's a new world for our profession.