Danny Parker

Dan Parker Dog


To say there are a lot of factors and moving parts that go into a contract of this size is an understatement. It’s a challenge everyday to keep it running smoothly and make it successful. The certification at CVC is difficult to say the least and is changing all the time. Yes, there are things we don’t agree with but we have no control over them. All we can do is produce the best teams possible to not only pass the certification but also be the best operationally when they are in country.

All of this starts with selecting the right dogs for the mission. We have strict guidelines our trainers at VLK Euro look for when they are selecting and buying dogs. This includes Medical. The dogs are shipped to VLK Indiana to start the imprintation process followed by a 30 day workup training the dog on Nort, Boxes, luggage and cars before they are placed with a handler.

During this time an entire wing of our kennels is dedicated to GardaWorld dogs only to care for the dogs and keep them in top shape. We also have to maintain the training areas specifically designed for this program that includes hundreds of new boxes, cans, bricks and distracters that are continuously being replaced daily. The luggage must be handled and cleaned with care every time it’s used. The cars are replaced with new ones as often as possible and are marked so the same odor goes in the same place every time.

VLK has several locations set up to maintain for this project since we have found you can’t just train in one building to be successful. Then we have to constantly prepare and rotate the explosives that are being used for the training, then housing for the students while they are here for 2 to 4 weeks. We are always updating their suites and doing all we can to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Understand this is a continuous rotation and cycle and a lot of planning goes into all of this projecting for the next class and the number of new handlers and incumbents expected to show up and start class every two to four weeks. When one class ends another class starts. Tons of paperwork for tracking every dog and team along with training records is unbelievable. Every GardaWorld owned dog while the handler is on leave comes here and must get a minimum of 6 hrs of training a week. After all of this we are ready for students.

It’s a lot of work but well worth it when we see the quality of teams that leave here that we would follow anywhere.