Rob Walker - May 2022 BLOG

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Vohne Liche Kennels, (www.vohneliche.com), is the industry leader in canine detection training, whether it be narcotics, explosives or gun detection. With the uptick in violence around the world in light of the pandemic and social upheaval, one of the recent focuses for law enforcement and security canine programs has been gun dogs…dogs that are imprinted and trained to detect the odor of gun metal (or correctly termed, steel).

Gun dogs have been detecting guns for many years and Vohne Liche Kennels (VLK) was on the front lines providing the industry standard, as they are to this day. In 2004, VLK put the first four (4) gun detecting canines into Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rican National Police, which used the dogs in conjunction with narcotic detection canines to combat the violent drug trade.

Since those first gun detection pioneers, VLK has put several dozen gun detection canines in law enforcement and most recently, at a major convention center casino in Las Vegas and several hospital medical centers. The 2004 Puerto Rico program was so successful that in April 2022, VLK placed several more gun detection canines with the Puerto Rican National Police.

The threat of gun violence can’t be understated, regardless of your industry. Let Vohne Liche Kennels provide an established, reliable and proven solution to your gun mitigation strategies and capabilities. VLK has been providing this solution to customers since 2004 with extreme effectiveness. Let us be part of your total security solution.


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   Rob Walker.

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