23 rd Annual K9 Olympics

Ken Licklider - March 2022 BLOG



The importance of training cannot be exaggerated. Continuous maintenance training pushes you and your dog to peak proficiency if done well. What I mean b well is always pushing the envelope. Changing what you do, where you do it and how often ensures your dog is learning what you want him to learn not just repeating behaviors.

Training groups meet at the same building or the same wrecker lot. They don’t understand that if you don’t vary your areas, vary the time of day, vary the exercise your dog will become the best dog in your group, in those areas at those tasks but won’t improve as a Police Service Dog, a dog ready for whatever you come upon and wherever it may happen.

Training groups are great but I feel they can get complacent repeating the same exercises over and over. The person setting up the scenarios should change; everyone has their own habits by changing who comes up with the scenario you ensure new things are presented to your teams. Changing time of day, weather patterns, and terrain features all help to prepare your dog for whatever situation he/she may encounter.

The Olympics is designed to offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself and learn from different instructors in a myriad of situations that mimics what you may encounter on the street or in the field. Judges change every year and each judge sets up the scenario differently every year.


The Bands this year and the food are going to be awesome. Rush, Boston and Journey, Thursday the 25 th and Friday the 26 th . Come out, compete and enjoy the week of comradery!

   Ken Licklider.

   SMSgt, USAF (Retired) Owner