Vohne Liche Kennels - Graduates - 2004


Classes of 2004.


Narcotic Teams.

narcotic teamSteve Casserly & Robbie, Seminol P.D., IL - Michael Bloomer & Baddy, Schuyler Co. S.D., IL - Kathy Bawel & Pasja, Dubois Co, IN - Brian Rennie & Igor, Bartlett P.D., IN - Sean Ray & Buck, Lexington P.D., KY - Bobby Rutherford & Wilco, Unicoi Co S.D., IN - Kyle Hamilton & Arno,Hartford City P.D., IN - Kerry Oswald & Reno, Montpelier P.D., IN - Trent Pierce & Dudly, Grayson Det. Center, KY - Chad Colston & Aron, Linn Co. S.D., IA - Trainers course : Steve Thomas, US State Department.

Explosives Teams.

Frank Mears & Joep, US Navy - Mike Hamsmann & Spike, US Military Police - Suzie Springer & Billy, NSA - Nick Hamilton & Basco, Linn Co. S.D. ,IA - David Whittlesey & Zack, Lexington P.D., KY

DPE 04-01.

dpe dpnMichael Bloomer, Burlington P.D., IA - Luis Rodriguez, Corrections of Puerto Rico - Suzie Springer, NSA - Efrain Henandez Rivera, Dept. of Corrections, Puerto Rico - S. Thomas, Dept. of State - Nick Hamilton.

DPN 04-02.

Brian Rennie, Colby-Abbotsford Police Department, WI - Bob Rutherford, Unicoi Co. Sheriff Dept., TN - Joe Jones, Bartlett Police; Kyle Hamilton, Hartford City, IN - Chad Colston, Linn Co. Sheriff Dept., IA.


SPE 04-02.

spe04 02Vohne Liche Kennel dogs in action.

SPN 04-02.

spn0402Effrain Hernandez Rivera, Puerto Rico; Luis Rodriquez, Puerto Rico - Steven Thomas, Dept. of State - David Whittlesey, Lexington Fayette County Police, KY - Kathy Bawel; Steve Casserly, Seminole P.D., FL - Troy Chockley, Schuyler County Sheriff Department, IL - Kerry Oswalt, Montpelier P.D. - Sean Ray, Lexington Fayette County Police, KY - Trent Pierce, Grayson County Detention Center, KY.

SPN 04-02 Puerto Rico and Bolivia.

spn0402wboliviansprEffrain Hernandez Rivera, Puerto Rico - Luis Rodriquez; Puerto Rico - Hector Orellana - Effrain Ruben, Bolivia - Steven Thomas, Dept. of State - Mauricio Andrare, Bolivia - Jimmy Oliver Ouiroga Rivero, Bolivia - German Callisaya, Bolivia.

Class DPN and SPN 04-04 2004.

dpn spn 04 04Donald Bowman, Murray P.D., KY - Jai Cook, Atlanta P.D., IN - Mark Helms, White County S.D. IN - Gregory Passini, Normal P.D., IL - Korey Henderson, Tipton County S.D., IN - Jeff Dunscomb, West Lafayette P.D., IN - Jeffrey Pride, Marion County S.D., IL - Scott Ptacek, garden City P.D., KS - Charles Worm, Green County S.D., WI - Brian Zelakiewiez, Royal Oak P.D., MI - Michael Reichert, Collinsville P.D.,IL - Matthew, Fiorito, Elk Grove Village P.D., IL.

Class SPE and DPE 04-07 2004.

James Harris, Pentagon, DC - Lanis R. Broderick, DynCorp - Erick L. Horton, DynCorp - Dale W. Richards, DynCorp - Randy Yates, DynCorp - Benjamin Hills, Pentagon, DC - Melissa Krot, Dearborn P.D., MI - David Spain, Mt Rushmore National Memorial, SD - Nathan Young, NSA Police, MD - Randy Pierson, NSA Police, MD - Frank Mears, NSWDG/FCTCL, VA - Nick Estrada Jr., NSWDG/FCTCL, VA - Joe Burpo, NSWDG/FCTCL, VA.

Class DPN 04-08 and DPE 04-13, 2004.

dpn 04 08 dpe 04 13K. Eidam, Hammond P.D. IN - A. Brickles, Butler County S.D. OH - K. Wolf, Highpoint P.D. NC - C. Simpson, Highpoint P.D. NC - M. Simak, Paducah P.D. KY - A. Petty, Hamilton County S.D. IN - D. Tolley, Butler County S.D. OH - K. Licklider, VLK Owner - A. Pucillo, Town of Madison P.D. WI - J. Mastriano, Richmond P.D. IN - J. Stanze, VLK Trainer - B. Demma, Venetian Resort and Casino, NV - J. Stiles, Mason P.D. IA - B. Roettger, VLK Trainer.

Front Row---

C. Monroe, Sheradin P.D. IN - G. Martens, VLK Trainer - S. Guzior, Hammond P.D. IN - E. Caldwell, Highpoint P.D. NC - J. Franklin, VLK Trainer - B. Alvey, Fishers P.D. IN - C. Wells, Muncie P.D. IN - B. McCollum, Venetian Resort and Casino, NV - C. Scott, Connersville P.D. IN - Bevan Watkins, Uintah P.D. UT

Bolivia 2004 - Explosive Teams.

bolivia explosive