Vohne Liche Kennels Graduates - 2011


Classes of 2011



TEDD 1101-A

TEDD1101 A

TEDD 1101-B

TEDD1101 B

DPN 1102 & DPE 1101 & TC1101

2011ClassPic DPN 1102 DPE 1101

Single/Dual Purpose Narcotic Class 1102

Matt Hashagen and K9 Berry (Shawnee P.D. KS), Ray Steakley and K9 Bieke (Oak Ridge P.D. TN), Rob Trost and K9 Black (Hammond P.D. IN), Matt Siegfried and K9 Derro (Hammond P.D. IN), Mike Uber and K9 Bowie (Montgomery Co. TX), Jeff Lambling and K9 Sjors (Laramie Co. S.O. WY), Howard Miles and K9 Ivan (Chambers Co. AL).

Single/Dual Purpose Explosive Class 1101

Matt Huber and K9 Harley (Southfield P.D. MI), Derick Johnson and K9 Jack (Dyn-Corp), Joe Marcinkiewicz and K9 Tommy (St. Louis CO MO).

Trainers Course 1101

Preston Foose (Harrison CO S.O. TX)

APRIL 2011

SPE 1103/SPN 1104


Single Purpose Explosive Class 1103

Duane Grego and K9 Aba (Nat'l Park Svc.), Maurice White and K9 Vakyra (Paragon), Steve Xiong and K9 Aika, Jonathan Conn and K9 Csufi (Inter-Con)

Single Purpose Narcotic Class 1104

Officer Bernie Erwin and K9 Chica (Hamilton Co. S.D. (OH)), Officer Joel Mantia and K9 Nina (Will Co. SD, (IL)), Officer Mike Dean and K9 Sali (Evansdale PD (IA)), Officer Jim Lytle and K9 Flesch (Lincoln Co. S.D.).

TEDD 1104



Classes 1106 1107

Single/Dual Purpose Narcotic Class 1106

Sean Wilkin & K9 Stevie, White Pine Co.S.O.NV; Jeff Bachman & K9 Voodoo, Arcola P.D. IL.; Kristen Klimek & K9 Chica, Cokeville P.D. WY.; Terry Endries & K9 "H", Marshfield P.D. WI.; Carey Martin & K9 Kimbo 1, Wayne Co. S.O. IN; Brandon Deckert & K9 Kato, Wyoming Hwy. Patrol WY.; Tony David & K9 Igor 4, Fishers P.D. IN.; Ryan Adamson & K9 Caron, Terre Haute P.D. IN.

Single/Dual Purpose Explosive Class 1107

Patrick Murray & K9 Barchau, Cincinnati P.D. OH.; Mark Williams & K9 Gus, Cincinnati P.D. OH.; Ryan Stupy & K9 Toya, NSA Washington DC; Derek Harris & K9 Rex 6, NSA Washington DC; Stephen Conlon & K9 Lion, NSA Washington DC; Chase Paustian & K9 Ex, IPC International; Wallace Mattingly, CA.

June 2012

TEDD 1107

TEDD class 1107


TEDD 1108

TEDD class 1108