Vohne Liche Kennels - Graduates - 2016


Classes of 2016.



Handler Course June 13 July 1 2016

Handler Course

June 13-July 1, 2016

 Department    Name    K9
 MHA Nation Public Safety, ND    Tobias Two Crow    Eto
 MHA Nation Public Safety, ND    David Brummett    F Bope
 MHA Nation Public Safety, ND    Jeff White    Charlie 4
 Three Affilitated Tribes Police, ND    Nathaniel Miller    Nero 36
 Three Affilitated Tribes Police, ND    Cody Smith    Luna 1
 Three Affilitated Tribes Police, ND    Andres (Andy) Martinez    Tigris
 Winnebago Tribe PD, NE    Matt Benson    Thirteen / Duke


Korean Graduation

"Korean National Police VLK Graduate and West Field Police Recertification. We are proud of them both!"

December 5th - 2016


Aegis   Afghanistan   10 14 2016

Aegis Class - Afghanistan

October 14th - 2016


Aegis   Afghanistan

Aegis Class - Afghanistan

September 23rd - 2016