Vohne Liche Kennels is enthused to announce that we have made improvements to the Vohne Liche Dorms. Many of you know that we have moved from the Dormitory Houses in Peru to Dormitories on Grissom Aeroplex, but you can hardly call them dorms after the updates we have made.



What were once 1 bedroom rooms with a sharing bathroom have now become two rooms suites! Each suite now offers a Bedroom with a queen size bed, night stand, Lamp, Desk and TV; private bathroom; living room with a love seat, recliner, coffee stand, lamp, 32" plasma, refrigerator and microwave! Not only do we have that in the suites but we also offer an entertainment room on the first floor of each building, kitchen furnished with cooking utensils, and a laundry facility; and to put a cherry on top for all of you staying here for a full class, we have your very own bar and grill, Red Rocket Bar and Grill, across the street(walking distance) of your dorm which offers a full menu and activities as well.

Next Time you come to Vohne Liche Kennels be sure to ask about our NEW AND IMPROVED SUITES!

Tayler Licklider