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If you have a lost K-9 partner that you would like to see on our memorial site, please email us at Vohne Liche Kennels and we would be more than happy to place them along side those already here.

Thoughts of all K-9 handlers.

K-9 Handlers have a very special relationship with their dogs and over time that grows. They feel a great loss when something happens to their partner. This section is dedicated to those gone but not forgotten....

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


K9 Reno Carroll County INIt's with a heavy heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of my beloved K9 Reno. Reno is now pain free after having battled with multiple health issues over the past couple of years.

Reno started out his career with Deputy Tony Liggett before I was later blessed to call him my partner. Over the course of Reno's career he was responsible for numerous narcotics arrests, multiple apprehensions of suspects, and was utilized several times to locate suspects/missing persons.

Those who knew and worked with Reno knew that he spent his entire life operating at 110% and was a true warrior. So much of a warrior that he selflessly protected Deputy Liggett and I as well as several other officers time and time again. I know for a fact Deputy Liggett and I can say Reno has stepped into danger to protect both of us on numerous occasions without an ounce of hesitation.

Saying goodbye to you Reno was one of the hardest things I think I've ever done. I was blessed to call you my partner and I thank you for all you did for Tony and I. Godspeed my friend rest easy we got the watch down here now...

-Darron Joseph

K9 Rico II

K9 Rico II- Normal P.D. Rico II; passed away on March 15th , 2015 at the age of 12 ½ years.

He served his community for 8 years and “raised the bar” for our K-9 program when it came to performance and results. He was fondly nick-named “Marmaduke” by the members of training class since he weighed an even 100 lbs. and tackled people like a linebacker. This dog was a beast when it was time to work and a teddy bear when it came to the social aspect of our job. We participated in numerous demonstrations over the years where children and senior citizens alike could pet Rico and give him attention. We were on our nightly walk when Rico suffered a fatal attack of Laryngeal Paralysis—which caused him to quit breathing. Take lots of pictures people---the time flies by.




K9 CochiseIt is with a heavy heart

It is with a heavy heart that I bring sad news that my partner, K9 Cochise, passed away on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at about 6:30 AM after complications with tumors on his spleen. He was a loyal partner for 7 1/2 years and will be missed.

Deputy Chad M. Liske #863 Taylor County Sheriff's Department






K-9 Maxo

K9 Maxo Secret Serviceunited states secret service uniformed divisionREST AND PLAY IN PEACE, K-9 MAXO
American Hero – LODD 1.26.13 – Fall during security/explosive check
Detail: Security Protection VP Biden, USA
Not since 1976

Unless one is in the top level of elite law enforcement, they may only know little about a Secret Service dog and pretty much nothing at all if one is not military or law enforcement. We know why that is justified; but when the public eye doesn't see, often the heart doesn't grieve. K-9 Maxo deserves to have the public know how much he mattered now and just how ELITE and ‘best of breed’ he had to be to get the job of guarding our USA Vice President. I would like to know more about you even if it just was who cried at your service. You lived and died a life meant for the fearless, strongest, and finest of American Heroes, and you were one of them; and you wore the Badge of the Very Elite. You will be missed by those who know how to do and give Honor and Memory the best; and for that you will be forever immortal.






K-9 Bart

BART 2 20130213225426 320 240Retired K-9 loses battle with cancer.
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced the passing of their longtime, retired K-9 Bart Wednesday night. Bart was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in August 2012. He was assigned to IMPD in December 2000. Police say he captured an estimated 400 criminals and found countless amounts of illegal drugs before retiring. He patrolled the streets of Indianapolis for 12 years with IMPD K-9 Officer Ron Santa. "He is the very essence of a sheepdog protecting his flock, and this city and this department will be at a loss without his service,"

Officer Santa said in a release. IMPD Chief Rick Hite released this statement Wednesday evening:
“IMPD is thankful for the service that Bart provided to citizens of the Indianapolis community and we mourn Bart’s death on this day.”






K-9 Franz

K9 Franz 1K9 Franz passed away on July 05, 2012.
K9 Franz was an active member of The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit from September 11, 2006 to July 05, 2012. K-9 Franz was assigned to K9 handler Detective Garcia in the Interdiction Unit. During his career K9 Franz seized 5,271.6 pounds of Marijuana, 78.4 pounds of Cocaine, 24.8 pounds of Methamphetamine, 33.5 pounds of Heroin, and $2,017,726.00 in U.S. currency. K9 Franz was also recognized and received seven plaques from The National Police Canine Association for Narcotic Detection Cases throughout his career. K9 Franz and Detective Garcia were also selected as Interdiction team of the year by The International Narcotics Interdiction Association in May of 2011. K9 Franz and Detective Garcia were also recognized by The City of Kansas City, Missouri in June 2011. A resolution was passed by the City of Kansas City, Missouri recognizing K9 Franz and Detective Garcia for making a significant and positive impact on the health and safety of the citizens of Kansas City by removing dangerous and illegal drugs from the streets of Kansas City, Missouri. K9 Franz will truly be missed!






K-9 Bas

K9 Bas 01In Memory of K9 Bas (Bozzy)
On April 17, 2012, K9 Bas (VLK# 05-295, aka Bozzy) passed away from gastric torsion during the night. K9 Bas served nearly 6 years as a dual purpose K9 with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, GA (just outside Augusta, GA). During his career, he quickly proved himself as a proficient detection dog, but most importantly as an excellent tracking/patrol dog. On the day of his passing, he was praised by Judge Annis on Tru TV's "In Session" for his role in locating the murder weapon in the case Georgia v. Schmidt, despite the firearm being buried with a 9+ hour set time in a heavily contaminated area. He had also aided in locating and capturing four armed home invasion suspects in the months preceding his death which led to an on duty injury. He is remembered fondly by the community for his kind personality and quirky demeanors and was the epitome of VLK's slogan, "Strong, Social Police Dogs.". His passing drew condolences from many across the country as well as the global community who had the opportunity to train and deploy with him.






K-9 Hercules

K9 HerculesDignitaries and Lawrenceville police brass
said goodbye Tuesday to K-9 “Hercules”. Hercules died last week at age 13 after a long illness. He’d achieved the rank of sergeant, and was credited with 323 arrests — including a final takedown of home invasion suspects in April. A full honor service for Hercules, attended by police leaders and Lawrenceville Mayor Judy Johnson, was held at Oak Rest Pet Gardens in Bethlehem, replete with bagpipes and a gun salute. Officer David Russell handpicked Hercules at Vohne Liche Kennels in Indiana, and the animal’s service with Lawrenceville police began in July 2001. Russell and colleagues were at the dog’s side when he died Aug. 6, police said.

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K-9 Boyka

Boyka1Boyka was a special dog
that was introduced to Tippecanoe County and the surrounding counties by storm... We were getting called out by every agency in the area for drug sniffs, tracks, building searches among other things.
During his career Boyka was responsible for the biggest marijuana seizure on a traffic stop, the biggest meth lab apprehension on a traffic stop and countless other seizures while on the street. Boyka was called to assist an Officer for WLPD when he alerted to the vehicle. We did not find any dope, but DID locate a gun that secured the bad guy at our jail. An AFIS hit told us the guy was lying about who he was and in turn that stop solved several Gary Indiana Homicides. GOD BLESS THE K9!! Click here to read more.
K-9 Officer J.P. Knogge
Lafayette, Indiana






K-9 Kraft

K9 Kraft 01Washoe CS's Office Mourns Death of K-9 Partner Kraft
Washoe County Sheriff’s Office K9 Kraft died of health complications Saturday. Deputy Corey Solferino, his handler of two years, was by his side. Undersheriff Todd Vinger said the passing of Kraft will be a great loss for the agency, but even a greater loss for Kraft’s handler and partner. “Kraft was a rising star with our agency,” Vinger said of the Czech Shepherd. “Like all of our service dogs, he was a humble hero; completely dedicated to his work and was an exemplary performer.” K-9 Kraft was acquired by the Sheriff’s office through a private donation by Cal Sierra Express Trucking. Kraft was trained as a dual purpose K-9, working both Patrol and narcotics. He was certified for both evidence and article search.
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Mount Pleasant 20120314 00005ROVER DANIEL TURNER
was sworn in on the Muncie Police Department on June 7th , 2000. He had 45 physical {ASS EATING} apprehensions and god knows how many non-bite apprehensions. He was a unique partner in that on the street he was a bad-ass and at home or at demo's he was extremely gentle. He actually saved my life on a "subject with a gun call". Rover is now walking the streets of heaven and I hope one day we will be a team again! Assa Braff Rover, you certainly served me, my family and the citizens of Muncie well!!!
Sgt. J.A. Turner
Muncie Police Department
Uniform Division






K-9 Bojar


k 9 bojar2 smlrHandler - Emory Griffith

K-9 Bojar (pronounced Bo-yar) was a male German Shepherd who was imported from the Czech Republic. We started our career together with the City of Lawrenceville in the year 2000. Bojar ‘had my back’ on a full-time basis from 2000 – 2005. After his retirement, I brought him out on K-9 training days to keep him active and he occasionally ran police calls when needed. His last call as a police dog took place in 2007. The vet had estimated his age to be somewhere between 13 and 14 years old.
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K-9 Reko


k 9 reko smHandler - Ronnie Lindley

After 7 plus years of service with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department Reko died as a result of a fast progressing brain tumor. Reko was imported from Holland by Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver Indiana. During his time of service Reko was responsible for many accomplishments. Click here to read more.






K-9 Cinto


k 9 cinto1Handler Brian Worley .

2000- Arrived from Holland to be partnered with Officer Brian Worley THPD K-9 Commendation.
2001- K-9 Olympics- 1st place narcotic detection buildings.
2002 K-9 Olympics- 3rd place aggression control.
2004- Injured in the line of duty & underwent surgery for a broken spine.
2005- THPD police achievement award.
K-9 Olympics- 1st place narcotics detection residence.
2nd place narcotics detection scramble.
2nd place narcotics detection overall.
1st place team narcotics.
Retired from the THPD on November 18th. Mayor of Terre Haute Proclaimed this day as “Cinto Day”.
While on duty found over $140,000 worth of narcotics leading to over 400 arrests. Cinto was a very loyal and proud member of the Terre Haute Police Department. Cinto was also a very important part of our family. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor after a terrifying seizure left him unaware of his surroundings. After he awoke he was in true form, a police dog thinking strangers were in his home and was in attack mode. He was treated by Dr. Lee of the Cross Vet Clinic that evening. Within a few days of the seizure, Cinto told us it was time to let go. He passed away in the company of all Terre Haute K-9 officers, Sellyville K-9 officer, Brian and his family. He will be often thought of and sadly missed.
"Cinto was truly an amazing dog, best friend, and HERO."

Vohne Liche Kennels - Memorials

Thoughts of all K-9 handlers.

K-9 Handlers have a very special relationship with their dogs and over time that grows. They feel a great loss when something happens to their partner. This section is dedicated to those gone but not forgotten....

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

K-9 Cobra


k 9 cobra1Handler Todd Haller.

In July of 2001 K-9 Cobra arrived at Vohne Liche Kennels, located in Denver, IN. On September 20th, 2001 Cobra was selected to be part of Terre Haute’s K-9 team by Officer’s Haller, Worley, Parker and John. He worked the city streets from September 2001 to June 1st. 2007. K-9 Cobra and his handler, Todd Haller, competed annually against teams from around the world in the K-9 Olympics held in Northern Indiana. In 2002 Cobra took 1st place in the vehicle search for narcotics event. In 2005 Cobra and his handler accompanied Officer John and his partner Schibes, and Officer Worley and his partner Cinto, to take 1st place overall in Narcotics searches. In 2006 Cobra took 2nd place in the building search for man.

While working our city streets, Cobra assisted in making 291 arrests out of 1146 contacts during his tours of duty with 15 physical apprehensions.

Cobra’s drug seizures amounted to 5087 grams of narcotics worth a street value of $62,776 found during searches.

On one occasion, K-9 Cobra pursued a fleeing felon after an extensive vehicle pursuit, apprehending the suspect and disabling him from shooting Officer Haller, who had fallen and dislocated his shoulder. The officers found a loaded handgun in each front pocket after the suspect was secured.

"Our hats are off to a great warrior of God’s creation."






K9 Roxey

k 9 roxey s
It is with great sadness that I report K9 Roxey (K91), my best friend, my first partner, and the University of Illinois Police Department's first K9 has passed away. In the last 2 weeks, Roxey's health began to fail. We were able to spend time together playing ball and then just being together.
I know that the last ride in the squad meant a lot to her and me.
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K9 Schibes


k 9 schibesHandler Terry John.

1999- Arrived from Russia to be partnered with Officer Terry John.
2002- Along with handler Terry John, received T.H.P.D. Officers Of The Year.
2006- Retires From Active Duty.

Schibes arrived at the Terre Haute Police Department in 1999 and after a somewhat rocky adolescence became the partner and best friend of handler Terry John. A protector, a playmate, and an officer through and through, for seven years he gave everything he had to his partner and his community.
While on the job, Schibes assisted in 48 apprehensions, 475 arrests, and seizure of almost half a million dollars in narcotics, as well as 150 pounds of marijuana.

"He will never be forgotten but will be forever remembered."

Vohne Liche Kennels - Memorials

Thoughts of all K-9 handlers.

K-9 Handlers have a very special relationship with their dogs and over time that grows. They feel a great loss when something happens to their partner. This section is dedicated to those gone but not forgotten....

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

K9 Rocky


k 9 rockyAugust 7, 2008.
Rocky, the Lakewood Police K-9 that gained national attention after being shot by an armed burglary suspect in August of 2002, has died.

Darren Maurer and his K9 Rocky competed in the annual Colorado Police Canine Associations K9 challenge (Certification/Competition). Rocky's performance continues to make Darren proud to be his handler. He was 1st in area search, 2nd in building search and competitive enough in the other events to score well enough to earn him top dog over 38 teams.
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K-9 Brondo


k 9 brondoHandler BJ Johnson

Monroe County Sheriff´s Dept. K-9 Brondo was born July 28, 1997 and passed away August 6, 2008. He has seized over a hundred cars, nearly a thousand pounds of drugs and several thousand dollars in U.S. currency.
The record shows we had 202 call outs or tracks, finding 187. Out of the 187, 155 were bites. He is credited for saving 3 lives.
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K-9 Kwando


k 9 kwandoHandler - Ron Dombkowski

K-9 Kwando passed away this evening. Kwando was a very valuable and effective member of the Lafayette Police Department and the department mourns his loss. Kwando was responsible was numerous felony arrests and apprehensions and was a vital part of our drug enforcement efforts. He was more than a law enforcement "tool" and was an extremely smart and talented member of the LPD family. He will be dearly missed. Click here to read more.