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Doris J Bartow

I saw your TV show for the first time this evening.  I was so impressed at, not only your professionalism, but how much you care for both the dogs and the people they go to.  I was almost in tears myself when I saw the funeral for the dog that had recently died - I think you said s/he was killed by a robber.  It was so wonderful to see the officer get a new dog from you.  Keep up the good work! 


Wednesday, May 01 2019 22:46
Denise Long


I watched your television show for the first time tonight. I can't tell you how very impressed I was! your dogs are amazing. I am an extreme dog lover, and to see how you train your dogs, but number 1, put them first over a sale is commendable. I can't even explain how impressed I am. I am a recent widow, and live a ways from town or my nearest neighbor. I do have a 94 lb. Rottie (Ruby) who alerts me to anyone or anything even imagined, just don't know how far she would go to protect me. 

I felt heartbreak and compassion for Cheyenne, the war dog suffering from PTSD. I don't know how old this program was, but I would have bought her in a heartbeat! Someday I would love to visit VLK, please keep up the great work and know you have a fanatic follower! God Bless You All!

Saturday, April 27 2019 22:43
Patrick Paul Moleta

Dear Vohn Liche OHANA,

The program is well put together,instructors explain every step and demo every scenario so you understand. I loved everyday I was there,especially “Furry Shark Week”. I loved that there was lots of venues and scenarios.Keep up the good work and Thank You for welcoming me into the Vohne Liche Family. ##OHANA##

Patrick Paul Moleta & K9 Kaimana—class#1809

Tuesday, August 14 2018 17:59
Jacklyn Peas

Ken allowed me to come to Vohne Liche as an intern my senior year of high school. It was an amazing and educational experience. I am thankful for the opportunity and the people I have met at VLK, as well as my dog Sjefke. 

Saturday, June 02 2018 14:35
Inessa Turano

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the VLK team twice already. Great people, great facility and worldclass dogs.

I am now the proud owner of a VLK Europe dog and I am very grateful for everything I learned at  this place. 

Inessa from Germany 

Friday, June 01 2018 14:00

3 years ago I adopted Noel, who was listed on your quick sale page.  I wanted an older German Shepherd that would chase deer off my farm.  Your staff was great, and worked with me and my dog Mini as we met the dogs that were available.  I ended up adopting Noel.  While she's not the Shepherd that I wanted, and she has no interest in chasing deer, my dog Mini enjoys her company quite a bit, and I get a huge kick out of hearing Noel's huge intimidating bark.  If you didn't know better, you'd think I have an attack dog behind my front door, instead of a Lab mix.  Thanks again. The next time I'm looking for a dog, I will definitely be contacting you and your staff again.


Friday, June 01 2018 10:02
Kassandra Hoover

I own a retired Logansport Police Dog, Viggo, that came from your kennel and originally from Nathan Tinnin... He is a wonderful addition to my home.. Thanks for all you do!

Friday, June 01 2018 09:35
Alex Harris

Awesome place with the best dog selection. Would recommend to all future dual purpose handlers! Thank you

Friday, June 01 2018 09:31

i am a former Army dog handler and now a disabled vet. I live approx. 10 miles away from the facility. I loved working with my MWD and other dog teams on my squad. I was in charge of the narcotics. My point is is you work there remember how lucky you are to be doing something you love! I wish I could trade places with most of you.



Sunday, September 03 2017 14:04
Liam Crompton

Wanted to thank Kenny, Bobby, Torrin and Toby for the good training and fun time I had during my 7 weeks! All the best and hope te see you all during the VLK Olympics.  

Tuesday, May 30 2017 09:25
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