Vohne Liche Kennels - References

This page will be updated with new references as and when they become available. Please check back soon for updates. If you would like to have your name added as a reference please contact us giving your details.

Select a Country to see our foreign references:


  • AfghanistanAndy Pastrick.
  • Pascal Budge.
  • Dee Pearcy.
  • Tom Harrison.


  • BermudaSgt. Ian Coyles, Bermuda Police Service.
  • Sgt. Brian Mello, Bermuda Police Service.
  • Constable Officer Trent Rowling, Bermuda Prisons Dept.
  • Officer Millard Rawlins Jr., Bermuda Prisons Dept.
  • Andrew Rollins, Bermuda Police Service.
  • Timothy Hayward, Bermuda Customs.


  • BoliviaLt. Jimmy Ouiroga Rivero.
  • Efrain Silva Serrano.
  • German Callisaya Choquehuanca.
  • Mauricio Andrade Navia.
  • Jimmy Oliver.
  • Efrain Ruben Silva.
  • German Callisaya.
  • Mauricio Daniel Andrade.


  • CanadaConstable R. Serbin, Calgary.
  • Sgt. Lou O'Riely, Medicine Hat.
  • Sgt. Ken Hunter, Prince Albert.
  • Brian Amm, Calgary.

Costa Rica

  • Costa RicaMick Hogan, US Embassy.
  • Bruce Elliott, US Embassy.


  • EcuadorMajor Victor Hugo Londono Molina.
  • Lt. Patricio Galiano.


  • GuatemalaMick Hogan, US Embassy.
  • J.P. Gullarte, US Embassy.
  • Hector Orellana, US Embassy.


  • IraqKevin Kehoe.
  • Craig Maxim.
  • Brian Griffith.
  • Adrian Cortez.

Puerto Rico

  • Puerto RicoCapt. Jorge S. Rosario Vazguez.
  • Sgt. Zoraida Castro-Pabón.
  • Sgt Jose A. Velez Rasario.
  • Officer Luis Rodriguez.
  • Officer Humberto Pagán Zayas.
  • Angel Benitez Vasallo.


  • QatarJeff Wiggins, Kennel Master.
  • Miarcus Mims.

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Anderson Poleon, Officer, Master Trainer


  • UruguayLt Col. Richard Fernandez.