Vohne Liche Kennels - References

This page will be updated with new references as and when they become available. Please check back soon for updates. If you would like to have your name added as a reference please contact us giving your details.

Select a state or organization to see our domestic references:


  • TennesseeChief Montgomery, Gatlinburg Police.
  • Captain Moehl, Oakridge Police.
  • Sgt. David Robertson, Sevier County Sheriff.
  • Det. Keith Watson, Organized Crime Unit Memphis P.D.
  • Deputy Edward Young, Rutherford County Sheriff.
  • Deputy Andy Ratcliff, Cleveland Police.
  • Patrolman Bobby Gibson, Smyrna Police.
  • Patrolman Randy Martin, Germantown Police.
  • Patrolman Chad Mullins, Hamblen County Sheriff.
  • Patrolman Tracey Nelson, Shelbyville Police.
  • Patrolman Chad Simpson, Maryville Police.
  • Patrolman Steve Roy, Maryville Police.
  • Robert White, Arnold Air Force Base, TN.
  • Officer Steaven Rogers, East Ridge Police.


  • TexasSgt. Greg Bisso, Houston Police.
  • Sgt. Donald Pierce, Harris Co Sheriff.
  • Officer William Rek, Sabine County Sheriff.
  • Steve Ash, Spring Branch I.S.D. Police.
  • Danny Billingsley, Harris County Sheriff.
  • Mike Thomas, Harris Co Sheriff.
  • John McPhillips Jr., Conroe ISD Police.


  • UtahOfficer R. Heslop, Layton Police.
  • Officer Robert Nace, Kaysville Police.
  • Scott Conley, Ogden.
  • Stan Stark, Weber County.
  • Officer Dustin Elleman, Logan City Police.
  • Officer Robert Olson, Logan City Police.
  • Deputy Bevan Watkins, Unitah County Sheriff.


  • VirginiaSgt Jerry Bristow, Middle Peninsula Regional Security.
  • Officer James Harris, State Dept.
  • Gregory Layne, Tazewell County Sheriff.
  • Officer Wayne Newsome, Prince George County Police.
  • Officer Michael Taber, Prince George County Police.


  • WisconsinChief Brandimore, Wassau Police.
  • Sgt. Todd Endle, Dane County Sheriff.
  • Deputy Scott Lindner, Dane County Sheriff.
  • Deputy Charles Worm, Green County Sheriff.
  • Officer Scott Schlei, Marshfield Police.
  • Officer Jason Whitney, University of Wisconsin Madison.
  • Officer Shane Driscoll, University of Wisconsin Madison.
  • Patrolman Brian Rennie, Colby-Abbotsford Police.
  • Keith Kelley, Dane County Sheriff.
  • Charles Worm, Green County Sheriff.
  • Deputy Craig Orlowski, Adams County Sheriff.
  • Officer David Landretti, Wausau Police.