Vohne Liche Kennels - References

This page will be updated with new references as and when they become available. Please check back soon for updates. If you would like to have your name added as a reference please contact us giving your details.

Select a state or organization to see our domestic references:


  • OklahomaMarshal Brett Mull, Cherokee Nation Marshal Service.
  • Corporal Kyle Kilgore, Oklahoma County Sheriff.
  • Lyndel Easley, Oklahoma City Police.
  • Officer Bob Curry, Tulsa Oklahoma Police.
  • Officer D. Rivers, Oklahoma City Police.
  • Officer J. Clein, El Reno Federal Prison.


  • OhioSgt. Barry Stegner, Cincinnati-KY Regional Airport.
  • Specialist Gregory Ventre, Cincinnati Police.
  • Deputy Steve Fischesser, Hamilton Co Sheriff.
  • Deputy Dan Kissing, Hamilton County Sheriff.
  • Officer Patrick Murray, Cincinnati Police.
  • Officer Michael Ammann, Cincinnati Police.
  • Officer Sherrey Ewanish, Warren City Police.
  • Patrolman Jon Moeggenberg, Trotwood Police.
  • Patrolman Christopher O’Rourke, Warren Police.
  • Rusty Guy, Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Special Agent Amy Allen, BCI.
  • Special Agent Charlie Stiegelmeyer, BCI.
  • Special Agent Mark Ellenwood, BCI
  • Officer Ryan Hudson, Hamilton Co. Sheriff.
  • Detective Joseph Heidmann, Hamilton Co Sheriff.


  • PennsylvaniaOfficer Ann Hicks, Erie Inter'l Airport.
  • Patrolman Jason Morell, Erie Inter'l Airport.
  • Master Trainer Bill Sombo, Strategic Law Enf.

Rhode Island

  • Rhode IslandOfficer Carrier, Westerly Police.

South Carolina

  • South CarolinaLt. S. Hutto, Aiken County Sheriff.
  • Mr. Ronny Johnson, Wackenhut SVS of Energy.

South Dakota

  • South DakotaOfficer Luke Black Bear, Rosebud Sioux Tribal Law Enf.
  • Officer Duane Hocker, BIA Law Enforcement Services.
  • Patrolman DeWayne Boyd, Sisseton-Wahpeton Law Enf.
  • Mark Shindelbower, Agency Village.
  • .Delano Goodshield, Lower Brule Agency